Short Film

Tales In Motion

Rules & Regulations
-The theme for the short film is “The World of Adolescents”.
-Time limit applicable to the film is 5-7 minutes.
-Entries should be emailed to with the subject of the mail to be like: Full Name_Event name_Category no.
-Entries to be sent in form of .mp4 file format, file name to be like: participant full name_category no.
-Contestants have to share the title of their short film and a short description of its contents beforehand to our team to minimize the possibilities of duplicacy.
-Judging criteria will be decided by professional jury members, whose decision will be final and has to be abided by all, the results will be declared in the closing ceremony of the Fest.
-Deadline: Entries to be submitted by August 18, 2020 11:59 pm IST

-Event-specific perk:
-Names of winners in each subject for both categories to be featured in event newsletter and posts for social media handles of the organisation.
-Part of the winners' videos of both categories to be featured in official Unlock Creativity Fest video.
Winning videos to be featured in organisation's official website and social media handles.

All the events will be organized and judged in two categories:

Category1 - Students of Classes VII-X
Category2 - Students Classes XI- Undergraduate college

For Category1

For Category2